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Currently offering sessions on this remarkable medical wellness device, that is scientifically proven to increase microcirculation by 29%.  Rentals available. 

Used by elite athletes to aging adults.  Try an 8 minute session today!

Good, functional circulation is vital to overall health and well being.  The proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the disposal of metabolic waste supports the body's own self-healing and regeneration processes.

Bemer is scientifically proven to 

  • increase microcirculation by 29%
  • improve sleep
  • removes metabolic waste
  • reduce discomforts (chronic & acute)
  • increase physical fitness and recovery/regeneration
  • improve concentration & mental acuity
  • improve cardiac function
  • reduce stress & anxiety 

Bemer is an acronym for Bio, Electro, Magnetic, Energy, Regulation.  

*NASA is working with Bemer to incorporate this technology into their space suits because of the health benefits.  This device is truly Nobel Prize worthy!

You can find published studies on the Bemer at pubmed.gov

This link shows you how and why Bemer works (for you science geeks!)

Read about the science behind Bemer

What is a Bemer session like?

While sitting or lying comfortably on the Bemer mat, (fully clothed) the patented multi dimensional signal is transmitted to the body. Most people feel absolutely nothing. Some will feel a warmth or mild tingling sensation. Everyone feels relaxed during the session and rejuvenated afterwards!


Mat sessions last 8 minutes.  Using any of the accessories to spot treat specific discomforts (chronic or acute), sessions can last up to 20 minutes.

$25 - 8 minute session

$30 - 30 minute session

$150 - 10, 8 minute sessions*

$200 - 10, 30 minute sessions*

$250- 30 day, unlimited 8 minute sessions

$300- 30 day, unlimited 30 minute sessions

*Must be used within 30 days of first session.


The importance of healthy blood flow

This 5 minute video shows you what, how and why bemer therapy works! 

Ready to purchase your own Bemer?

FDA registered for home use, you can enjoy the optimal benefits of bemer sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office! 

Bemers are very portable and travel with ease! 


Contact us to learn which unit best suits your needs. 

Bemer now offers 6, 12 or 24 month financing through Bread Financial.  

You can now finance all or half of  your Bemer purchase with affordable monthly payments at competitive interest rates!  

The application process is quick and easy! In just seconds you will find out if you pre-qualify and the terms of your agreement, with no obligation to buy!

**Applying for Bread financing will not affect your credit score and there are no prepayment penalities. 

Click on the link below, then scroll down to the "Pay Monthly For Your Purchase" section.